APLM is a non-progit organisation, based on volunteer work. Donations are essential to allow us to develop projects and accomplish our mission 


Our mission is to protect the environment from the impacts of marine litter 

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Let´s come together for a Sea with no Litter!

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Our mission

How to participate

1. Collect cotton bud sticks on a beach;

2. Count how many you got and what distance did you go (metres or steps)
3. Send an email to APLM with that information

Bring the issue of marine litter to your school or community

See our educational and awareness activities

The EU bans chemicals and microplastics from soaps and detergents
Certain chemical substances and microplastics removed from products carrying the ecological label.
Read the press release (in PT) here
Look for the zero -  Beat the Microbead Campaign

APLM and GEOTA alert to the negative impacts of plastic microbeads  by joining the international campaign Beat the Microbead.

More information here

Beach clean-ups
APLM encourages its members and volunteers as well as the public at large to participate in beach clean-ups that are being organised all over the country by  NGOs and many informal groups.
Information on clean-up events is posted regularly on the APLM Facebook page 
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